The ancient Pompeii: Life Style

Continuing on Via dell, in the direction of the Sarno Gate, one encounters this eating place, a sort of “fast-food”, where you could eat a hot dish. In one of the containers collected in the wall and was found a hoard of coins weighing about 3 kg, valued at about 680 gold. This would be the collection of the enormous amount of loose change day view (374 axes and quadrants in 1237). The workshop is completed with a chapel dedicated to Mercury and Dionysus. There’s also a small temple dedicated to the household gods. The house of the innkeeper was developed on the back of the shop and is accessible from an independent entrance in the alley. Note in the triclinium the prime example of decoration in the late third style.

Daily living habits are documented in Pompeii as well as from remains found in homes, even from a long line of “images” reproduced on the walls of individual households. The painting, in fact, in addition to satisfying purely decorative reasons, it is often the “catalog” of family habits, tastes, of their status. You discover, for example, cakes of fresh ricotta, vessels with special vegetables from the “gardens of Pompeii”, including the leek and cabbage, and again, fruit cups, including grapes, figs, hazelnuts, apples and pomegranates and compositions poultry and geese, as well as fish and shellfish.

In the houses of Pompeii lunch took place on built-in beds arranged in three-sided U-shaped couches and those constituting the main decoration of the dining rooms, rinvenibili, however, very easily even in gardens and sometimes in the peristyle , porch with columns around which was developed back of the house according to the Hellenistic fashion. The Pompeii ate their meals on those beds with three sides each having three seats and consequently nine in all. It was reached not from the sides, but from the front, while behind ate their meals seated women, excluded from scholarly ignorance convivial conversations, but also specifically moved away when their husbands under the effects of wine, preferred to take next, stretched over the same beds, the courtesans.