"The other half of the President"

A lawyer by profession, sommelier for passion. It begins this way, the adventure of Laila Buondonno in the restaurant world; restaurant manager and co-owner with her husband, the chef Paolo Gramaglia, restaurant of the President of Pompeii, Michelin star since 2015. Laila is a professional sommelier and deals directly with the wine list, “profound and evolving” (The guidance of “guest Espresso) and welcome in his restaurant. It has, in fact, established a “mission” very precise in the hall: “put the customer absolutely in the spotlight” (The Michelin guide). That’s why we believe that the success of a dish depends, along with the ability of the chef and the excellence of the raw materials used, the right way it tells the visitor, the environment that you can create in the room , the correct attitude of the staff, who always adapts its way to the personality of the client, his needs, trying to create with the same the right empathy. Those who cross the threshold of the President, should, in fact, be put at ease from the first moment and listened to even when not talking about: our goal is to meet its needs, even before they are expressed. , You go into his heart, because it is only there that will remind our restaurant. Laila is assisted in the hall by the maitre Ciro Cirillo, the second sommelier Francesco Di Martino and a team of young collaborators.